Large selection of interiors and other decorations for trucks

With the help of decorations and interiors intended for trucks, you can modernize the interior before embarking on new adventures.

For us at MP Truck Design, quality is important, precisely because we expect you as a customer to set high expectations for our interior products, but also our work to restore trucks - both old and new. We make our workshop available to all trucks that want a new interior. At the same time, we are aware that trucks can be impractical to move, so we have every opportunity to come to you to perform the interior and decoration of your truck.

Over the years, we have assisted companies and individuals with decoration and interior. Today we have built up a good reputation and reputation. We tailor our solutions to your wishes and needs.

In our range you will find the following interiors and decorations

• Lamps
• Sunshade
• Curtains
• Front cover
• Door panels
• Chair bases
• Bus plug
• Bedding set
• Radio and TV
• Navigation systems

When ordering specially made products, we charge an advance payment of 25%. There is about 3-4 weeks delivery time for custom-made interior products. Invoice must be paid before product is shipped. If you want to order a complete interior, we take an advance payment of 25% or written approval before financing a financing society or bank.

Audio products for trucks

We are an official audio dealer and offer specially developed audio packages for trucks, we can obtain all equipment from Audiotec Fischer at competitive prices. Our systems also work with your car computer. Ask us about access and prices!

Do not be afraid to contact us if you have questions in connection with the decoration and interior of your truck. We have most of the products and the necessary experience required for a perfect result.