Elegant truck styling in Norway

More and more truck enthusiasts in this country are using the styling of truck classics. In most cases, the truck can actually be styled both outside and inside. In practice, you can create many good memories in just your packaging.

With us at MP Truck Design, we have a high level of expertise in styling all types of trucks, both old and new. For us, quality is a key keyword as we actively work to make you as an enthusiast happy. After 10 years in the industry, we have assisted both companies and private truck enthusiasts throughout Norway. We can style your truck in our workshop, but we can also come to a specific location to perform the work.

We are considered specialists in the following items in truck styling

• Design and decoration of truck cabins
• Installation of upholstery, padding, etc. in all colors and materials
• Installation of lights
• Paint
• Hydro dipping
• Installation of logos wherever you want
• Installation of complete audio system
• Specially developed audio packages for trucks
• Installation of complete video system
• Installation of complete video system
• Delivery of all kinds of exterior parts
• Lakkering, foliering og montering av eksteriør deler (utføres av samarbeidspartner)
• Polishing of ceramic coating

We are an official audio dealer and can obtain all equipment from Audiotec Fischer at competitive prices.

We make sure to adapt and build in what you may want, as you may wish. At the same time, we are flexible and take care of your wishes and needs when you realize the truck styling!

You can safely contact us for a non-binding conversation about how we can assist you with truck styling - Is not it tempting to embark on new adventures?