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Powerful LED light sources for supplementary position lights. They are installed inside the high beam lights of Scania trucks manufactured between 2016 and 2022. The light is evenly distributed throughout the high beam light, providing a beautiful position light in an otherwise dark lamp.

Single color options include yellow, white, and warm white.

There is a 3-meter wire on each side of the circuit board that can be connected to regular position lights/side markers. There is one positive and one negative wire.

Dular color

There is a 3-meter wire on each side of the circuit board. There is one negative wire and two positive wires. It is not necessary to have both colors on simultaneously, so a toggle switch can be used to switch between yellow and white light.


Dual color + flash

The default strobe color is yellow but can be customized for emergency vehicles, for example, with blue or white.

The light sources have a 6-meter wire with M8 connectors that are connected to the included controller.

The controller controls the colors and automatically turns off the position light when the strobe light is activated.

The controller has a 3-meter cable with 4 wires:

  • Negative wire: Green
  • Positive wire for white position light: White
  • Positive wire for yellow position light: Yellow
  • Positive wire for strobe light: Brown

During installation, it is necessary to cut the wires with M8 connectors, so it is important that these connectors are waterproof and that the wire colors are connected correctly.