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Wireless RGB and RGBW controller for controlling the different colors of RGB and/or RGBW SMD Strips at 12V and 24V.

All functions are easily controlled from the remote control. It comes pre-programmed with fixed colors and various programs where the light changes color in smooth and flashing effects.

The sound program on the controller makes the strips blink and change color in sync with the music in the car.

There are 2 modes, where the first mode switches between the three primary colors, while the second mode switches between a combination of all colors.

The controller can handle up to 20 meters of RGB/RGBW strips. The SMD strip is connected to the controller via screw terminals, allowing for easy installation.

The controller can operate at both 12V and 24V for input and output. Additionally, single-colored SMD strips can be connected to the controller to create a custom multi-color combination. For example, warm white can be connected to one output, while red and blue can be connected to the other outputs.

The controller can handle a power consumption of 5 amperes for 3 channels of RGB and 4 amperes for 4 channels of RGBW.


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